Bonded like Mac and Cheese

3-4 yrs. female & male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

They were rescued from very unfortunate circumstances which required compulsory eye surgeries to save their life. Thanks to ResCat Bahrain, they are now in a much better place in their lives and are ready to fly from to their forever home with no other pets or children. Sammy is blind and Aceel has one eye, but this doesn’t stop them yelling to tell you when they want their treats and food! They are strictly indoor cats, suitable to a home that are knowledgeable in feline behaviour and can provide them with a safe environment, and doesn’t mind the “feed meeeeee” chorus being sung through the day.

The pair of them spend their entire day lazing about, curled up on a blankie together and sunbathing by the window. They are quite vocal when they’re hungry and have a great appetite.

About Aceel – black and white, partially sighted (female)

A couch potato is busier than Aceel; she will happily spend the day hanging out in the various napping spots throughout the day. Anything soft and comfy will do for this simple babe. Napping next to the warmth of his brother, Sammy is bliss and nothing can compare to this. Aceel is Sammy’s confidence and often leads Sammy around to his playful antics, such as leading him to climb on top of the cupboard! Adorable, right?!

Aceel’s interactions with her hoomans are becoming more frequent every day, where she will come and sit next to you after she has sniffed you. She will allow being touched (only slightly), but this has taken months of building her confidence and forming a trusting bond with her. She has so much potential to blossom further, in time with patience.

About Sammy – Tabby, blind (male)

Sammy loves to play with his softball and with any toy that has a bell or makes a sound. He looks to Aceel for confidence in each step he takes and it's adorable watching him follow her around. Sammy may be blind, but he makes up for it in his outstanding dribbling skills with a softball that has a bell in it – lots of noisy toys are a must!

Given Sammy’s blindness, he is much more assertive and especially wary of people. This could be a result of a lack of socialisation or harm caused in his early life. He will require longer to come round to trust his new hoomans in new surroundings and possibly never come round and these boundaries may never come down.

Health status:

Sammy had to have his eyes removed at the time he was rescued due to infections causing blindness. He was found stumbling in the streets unaware of where he was going. Aceel had one removed due to a car accident and she can see perfectly fine with the other one. She guides Sammy around and lets him know what’s safe to do and what’s not. We know that she will continue to guide him throughout the rest of his life, and they cannot live without each other.

Given their visual impairments, they do tend to crash into their food bowls quite often, so having food and water bowls that are wider at the bottom than they are at the top (almost pyramid-shaped) is essential for them, as they don’t fall over so easily. They may come out of their shell eventually and start to accept being near you, but this will take months s to achieve, perseverance and patience is key.

Aceel may need more vet visits in the future due to chronic respiratory issues that can be treated with a course of antibiotics.

The ideal family would need to be very patient and one that wants to complete their rescue story. You’d need to be well versed in handling cats, not necessarily one with disabilities as patience and compassion are the main qualities you will have to give these two the best chance at living their best life to the fullest.

Aceel and Sammy will require time to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings that are accommodated to their needs. Being afraid of people, they will require time to bond with their family at their pace, these are not lap cats but have the potential to be.

Itty Bitty Kitty Tails will provide an exceptional level of support to the family that will open their home to Aceel and Sammy should it be required.

Kids: No

Indoor cats only and your home will need to be escape-proof

Other cats: No

Dogs: No

Food: Currently they are eating Schesir wet food and Taste of The Wild dry food, as well as boiled chicken.

Rescue Story:


Sammy was found on the streets of Bahrain with a horrible eye infection and already blind as he was knocking into things and not really able to see where he was going unaware of his surroundings.


Aceel was a victim of a hit and run by a car. She had a broken jaw which required reconstructive surgery with a metal wire. Her eye was enucleated because of the injury from the accident and had to be removed. It’s been a long recovery thanks to the dedication and commitment of the rescuers that have got her to where she is now.

Both Sammy and Aceel were surrendered by a rescue centre due to close in Bahrain to Rescat who have since taken care of them as of September 2021. They have carried out the ongoing medical treatment they desperately needed. They remain under the care of our partners ResCat in Bahrain with Itty Bitty Kitty Tails supervising their adoption in the UK.

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