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The Dynamic Duo

1.5 yrs approx


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Be prepared to be entertained with this fun and quirky bonded pair! Though they aren’t siblings, they truly share an unbreakable bond! Betty and Luna are affectionate cuddle monsters that love getting attention. They both are super playful and love a good feather stick/ interactive toy. Betty is 3-legged sweet girl and Luna is a curious kitty who loves to play with water!

Betty (Ginger and white) is an adorable , sweet 3 legged kitty. She hardly meows but when she does it’s the most cutest meows you’ll ever hear! At first she may be shy and it may take her awhile to settle. Once she does, you’ll find that she’s the sweetest girl!

Having a disability does not stop Betty from having fun just like every other cat. She is very strong and agile. Betty has very strong hind legs that help her jump and get her anywhere she wants to. Sometimes you’ll forget she has only 3 legs! Being with Luna has boosted her confidence in exploring and trying out new things. Therefore, they come as a pair as Betty prefers Luna by her side. She gets separation anxiety if she’s not with Luna.

She loves a good snuggle especially under a warm blanket. You’ll often find her digging the around a blanket to try and get in for a snooze!

Luna has a gorgeous calico coat and she is a character! She is a water baby and enjoys playing with water especially in sinks and bathtubs. She enjoys sitting and splashing in water, sometimes you might find her splashing the water in her water bowl. Other times, you’ll see her try to scoop water out with her paws to taste it!

If she wants to drink water from the tap , she will sit at the sink or bathtub waiting for you to turn it on for her.

Luna loves attention and will lay on your chest or tummy for it. One touch is all she needs to start purring like a machine! Luna is surprisingly very calm that nothing phases her. Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, new people or even moving houses, she is as good as gold and adapts very well! Bird watching is her favorite past time. You’ll find her at every window of the house chirping at the birds she sees. She loves a good ol plastic bag or box where you’ll find her sitting or playing inside.

Luna is obsessed with feather sticks and toys. PLAY is her ultimate favorite thing to do. She is also very curious and is always up for an adventure.

Luna has a caring side to her crazy and adventurous personality. She looks after Betty and is always cleaning or snuggling up with her for a nap.

They would be suitable for a home that is calm and quiet, without children. However, judging by their personalities, they might love the company. They would make perfect companions to a mature home that will be attentive to them and give them access to the whole home, but they must remain as indoor cats. They don’t mind being picked up and carried around. However, Betty prefers being carried for only a short while.

Other cats: No

Dogs: Yes, they have been in a foster home with dogs before. Careful introductions will be required with a cat-friendly dog.

Food: Dry food: is always available. Royal Canin - Regular Fit. However, they aren’t fussy and can eat other kibbles.

Wet food : They currently eat wet food 3 times a week but mostly prefer dry kibbles and treats. Wet treats like Sheba Melty creamy treats is a fave. Also , Friskies treats.

Overall, they’re a loving pair to have. With amazing quirky personalities that will keep you entertained.

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