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The Gentle Giant

4 yrs, neutered male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Weighing in at 7.5kgs, Big Al is a big lug of a cat looking for a loving home to spend his time napping away. He is a very reserved and, dare we say it, lazy cat.

Once he settles into his surroundings and gets to know his peeps, he enjoys hanging out, watching movies from the comfort of the sofa, gazing out the window and chillaxing.

He is a refined gentleman who isn’t into playing with silly toys unless he is really encouraged or there is cat nip involved, otherwise he would much rather find a cozy spot and curl up for a long, long, long nap.

Big Al is an altogether low maintenance kinda guy. He enjoys head rubs and will reward you with a soft purr, drooling and polite conversation in the form of short bark meows.

Health Status:

Other than being FIV+ he has a clean bill of health and bloodwork results can be presented upon request. Find out more about FIV+ needing loving homes HERE

Sort of family the cat is suitable for…

His ideal home will be a quiet household with a senior person, a single person or a couple who are patient and able to give him attention. He will need a patient caregiver who is willing to engage with him regularly and consistently. You will be happy to have a cat who stays in the vicinity of his peeps but isn't a lap cat. His foster feels he is a bit of a lost boy who needs someone who will give him attention, affection and spend time with him.

Kids: No

Indoor only: I think he would do well with catio since he enjoys sitting at a window and looking out.

Other cats: He isn’t keen on other animals and would prefer a home where he is king of the castle.

Dogs: Maybe

Food: Dry food is always available and Big Al grazes. He is more of a night eater than a day eater. He likes any type of dry food. He is currently eating Royal Canin dry weight management. Party Mix dry treats are his favourite. He doesn't like wet food.

He drinks a lot of water. Fresh water is always available, Big Al would enjoy a water fountain to drink from.

Litter: Clumping clay litter in a top entry box placed in a spare bathroom.

Rescue Story: He was dumped in a colony and bares the left tipped ear badge of honour (in his case, an unnecessarily large ear tip). He found his place among the resident colony cats but when hisN caregivers noticed his health was deteriorating, he was picked up. He tested FIV+ and was not returned to the colony. His eyes can become irritated from time to time by pollutants in the air but are easily treated with Tobrex eye drops.

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