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Sweet but shy

3.5 yrs. spayed female


Scotland (can be transported anywhere in UK)

Binky was rescued from a terrible environment living as a stray cat and abused by passers-by and as a result, she remains timid and will not be touched. She will, however, give you love blinks from afar.

She’s been in rehabilitation with a foster, for over a year and comes out of her shell where she will happily entertain herself and meow to communicate with the two people, she’s familiar with, she will only meow as part of a soft conversation -usually in the mornings when she’s been left to sleep/play for the night. She likes to maintain a routine and if anything is new, she’ll make sure she carefully checks it out. Her trust in humans was broken so she’s a work in progress, but worth every second! The foster parents have focused on creating a safe environment for her to make sure she feels comfortable and not pestered, the ideal home will appreciate this and must be experienced with handling abused cats.

Binky will initially hide when meeting someone new, but soon make an appearance – from afar only. She will sit near people she is familiar with and is talkative, she loves to have conversations with people and will even let you nap on the bed with her, but she is not a lap cat. A sudden movement or if you get too close and she will scupper away to her safe place. She’s got the living room all to herself, access to a bedroom through the day and her own cat bed in the current foster home, these are her safe places. She is fine to be left alone through the day and appreciates the time to truly relax as her confidence in humans grows.

Binky will play by herself (she especially loves soft toys and balls) but likes to have privacy and space to do this. When she is comfortable, she will roll around (showing her beautiful, patterned belly) on the carpet and play with her toys in front of you, she’s made some progress with interacting with people and her toys, but in general she likes to play alone. When she's joining her new home, she will likely be very nervous and want a few hiding spots but in time she opens with gentle encouragement and will be a sweet little addition to a quiet home.

Food: Binky will only eat dry food; she hasn't been interested in wet food or treats. She has fresh water and food topped up daily.

Litter: Clumping litter. Open-box with crystal litter.

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