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Tail-less, Kind-hearted, Kid-friendly!

9 months old, neutered, male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Meet Bryan - the Playful and Paw-some boy! At less than a year old, he is bursting with energy and affection.

Bryan was picked up in a colony where he was friendly with other cats for trap/neuter/release procedures. Rescuers felt that he was too kind and cute to be put back on the street, so they decided to give him a chance to find a family. Bryan is missing most of his tail for unknown reasons, but this doesn't seem to affect him at all. In fact, it makes him even more special!

He has recently been placed in a foster home, where we are still learning about his behaviors and funny habits. What we can already see is that Bryan is a social butterfly, friendly with adults and children alike. He's always up for a cuddle session and loves to be picked up and held, though he may prefer shorter snuggles over extended ones. Bryan has an affection for light green-colored toys and eagerly watches the world go by through a glass door balcony, birds being a special object of study.

Despite his love for playtime, Bryan is a gentle soul who never bites and forgives any mishaps with ease. He's patient with both adults and kids, making him the purr-fect addition to a big family where he can be surrounded by people all day long.

While Bryan may be a bit fearful of loud noises, he quickly forgets his worries and gets back to his playful antics. He's a chatterbox who loves to voice his opinions and enjoys the company of his human companions.

Bryan was friendly yet confident and sometimes even dominant with other cats in the colony and cattery, so with careful and gradual introduction, we believe, he might be a good friend for an active and cat friendly resident cat or dog

In his ideal home, Bryan would thrive in a bustling environment with older kids who can run around and play with him gently. With his affectionate nature and playful spirit, he's sure to bring joy and laughter to any household lucky enough to call him family.

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