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A Man's Cat

7 yrs. neutered male


Scotland (can be transported anywhere in UK)

Ginger’s confidence has progressed by leaps and bounds since he was rescued from under a wheel of a car. He’s a man’s cat as he has bonded so well with his foster. From being a timid cat scared if touch, he loves his foster daddy to give him all the fuss and lets out the loudest of purrs! The way to his heart is easy, a good head scratch and Dreamies! He is a quiet boy that likes to be in the company of humans, but not so keen on being picked up and carried around. He would prefer to sit next to you while he radiates his healing purrs.

He has a favourite blankie he likes to sleep on when he takes himself off for some “me-time” so a nice soft bed and a fluffy blanket is a must in his new home.

The ideal home would be a calm household, where he is able to blossom at his own pace. No sudden movements as this will unsettle him causing him to panic.

Health Status:

Ginger was rescued following a car accident, where a kind bystander took him to the vets for surgery on his leg. He is now nursed back and ready to join his furever family, but with spending many years on the harsh streets, he has been infected with FIV positive, displaying no symptoms (a vet’s report with his full biochemistry can be shared upon request). His pelvis was affected by the accident, sometimes his bowls get blocked up and requires a malt paste like laxapet to help and a high fibre diet is a must going forward.

Indoor only.

Kids: No.

Other cats: Can join a home with other FIV+ cats, ideally, he would need to be in a single cat household. We haven’t seen him interact with cats in a home environment, but he did spend his earlier life living in a community with several cats.

Dogs: We have not seen him interact with any, however the park where he resided in for many years is a popular dog walking park. A cat-friendly dog is a must and supervised introductions would be required.

Food: Ginger is on a combination of wet food and Royal Canine Gastrointestinal dry kibble. He is free-fed the dry food and the wet food is administered in small portions as a treat. He loves Dreamies…of course!

Litter: Fully litter box trained. Clumping clay in a hooded litter box placed in the spare bathroom.

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