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Floppy-Eared Regal Gentleman

3.5 years old, neutered, male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Introducing King: The Floppy-Eared 2.5 years old boy with a Heart of Gold!

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of streets, there roamed a majestic creature with a white coat adorned in tabby patches, and a regal demeanor that earned him the name King. But fate had other plans for this noble cat, as he embarked on a journey that would lead him from the wilds of the streets to the comforts of indoor royalty.

Rescue Chronicles

Our hero, King, made his grand entrance into the realm of rescuers with a daring display, sporting a large open wound on his face. Yet, with the resilience befitting his royal status, King emerged victorious from this battle, albeit with a floppy right ear to show for his valiant efforts.

King found solace in the embrace of indoor life, bidding farewell to the tumultuous streets without a second glance.

The Tale of King

King is perfect for the 1st time cat owners! With an affectionate purr and a confident strut, he wins hearts wherever he goes. A social butterfly by nature, King revels in the company of his loyal subjects

While he may indulge in the occasional playful frolic, King’s true passion lies in the art of relaxation. Whether lounging on the sofa, engrossed in a cinematic masterpiece, or perched majestically by the window, watching the world go by, King knows how to savor life’s simple pleasures.

Conversations with King are a rare delight, for he is a cat of few words, preferring to let his actions speak volumes.

Royal Preferences

King’s courtly pursuits include engaging with teasers and indulging in the thrill of chasing small balls. Provided his confident nature and absolutely comfortable living as the only cat in the foster house, we believe he will do best as a single cat.

A kingdom with dogs is uncharted territory for King, yet his noble demeanor suggests a potential for harmonious coexistence, provided introductions are conducted with the utmost care and consideration.

Royal Decree:

As for the young princes and princesses of the realm, King’s benevolent nature extends to older children (8+) who possess the wisdom to respect his boundaries and honor his royal stature.

If you seek a regal companion with minimum hassle to grace your home with love and laughter, look no further than King.

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