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Real Boss with a soft spot for mice videos

3,5 years old, neutered, male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Lizzy is a resilient and charismatic boy with a story that proves nothing can dim his spirit!

He has overcome the odds, when his journey started with a car or e-scooter accident that left both hind legs broken and a fractured pelvis. Thanks to surgery, cage rest, and physiotherapy, he's made an incredible recovery. Although the left hind leg remains hyper-extended, it doesn't stop Lizzy from running the show!

And yes, rescuers thought he was a female at first, hence his rather unexpected name 'Lizzy'!

Lizzy has been adjusting seamlessly to life as the boss man and adds a true joy, laughter, and a touch of bossiness to his current foster family's life.

Lizzy enjoys being the center of attention, claiming his throne on the couch to survey his kingdom. While not a lap cat, Lizzy loves sitting next to his peeps, relishing in the attention and affection. His curiosity knows no bounds, to the point that he's learned to open doors to satisfy it.

Lizzy's unique sitting positions and funny run, swinging his left hind leg to the side, only add to his charm. Occasionally, he over-grooms his left hind paw due to sensitive nerve ends, but that doesn't dampen his playful spirit.

A true chatterbox, Lizzy is vocal. Feather teaser wands and mice videos are among his favorite pastimes, and he even has his own Instagram page (@bossmanlizzy) to share his adventures with the world.

In a multi-cat household, he ruled the roost, showing his gentle, affectionate, and independent nature. While he might have a preference for being the sole feline ruler, Lizzy could potentially tolerate a smaller, cat-friendly dog with proper introductions.

Wouldn't you love to invite Lizzy, the ultimate boss man, into your home? This resilient and fun-loving gentleman is ready to bring a touch of adventure and a lot of love to your life

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