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Dynamic Duo" who really complement each other so well!

6.5 months old


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Elliott - white with spots and ultra-affectionate!

Elliott loves purring, cuddling, and rubbing his face against his humans every morning. It's a daily ritual.

Elliott goes wild for wands and mouse toys and will run around the apartment with them in his

mouth growling, attempting to find a safe space to hide them. Often this is in the litter box,

where he rolls around with them. Elliott always runs to greet his foster parents as they walk in the front door, even when he’s half asleep. Elliott is all about water and isn’t shy about jumping in the shower or sink. Elliott loves being held, is happy to be draped over a shoulder, and is generally super mellow.

Elliott is learning to play fetch and walk on a leash and seems highly trainable. He's very close to

being big enough to jump on handles and open doors.

Elliott gets very protective with some toys (wands, mice) and he'll take them into the litterbox

and play with them. It's hard to take them from him! X

Lola - ginger and white and so social and friendly!

Lola makes the funniest faces, funniest meow sounds, and is always getting into (the funny kind

of) trouble. We call her "Lola Lover of Life" because she seems like the happiest cat in the world.

She gives dramatic meows when she's picked up and held but is always purring. She too loves

water, hopping in the shower and sink. She's one wearing shirts and harnesses. Lola loves her

spring toy the best and will run around with it in her mouth and bat it all around the apartment for

hours. She's the messiest, least graceful eater! She's always the second kitty to greet us when

we wake up or come home (she can't beat Elliott but is always right behind him. She is super

affectionate, loves being petted, and will jump in my lap and purr up a storm.

Lola and Elliott have been a team since they first met nearly 4 months ago. It's always been them

playing the most, taking naps together, cleaning each other, and chasing each other around the

house. We call them the "Dynamic Duo" and they really complement each other so well. They truly

love each other! Both have always been really social with humans who come over and are

generally curious creatures and not overly cautious. They've also both been pretty good about

having new cats come into their space. Usually they hiss and bat for a day or two and have been

one after that!

Lola and Elliott both really love being around human As much as they're bonded together, they also are very attached to their humans. They will be perfect for a family who will be around to give them the love

and attention they both crave. We think they may be great with kids of the age 6+ , definitely good with other cats, and potentially even with cat-friendly dogs with careful introduction.

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