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Partners in crime, cuddles, and chaos

1 year old, neutered male, spayed, female


For adoption anywhere in the UK

These two cat comrades aren't just friends—they're partners in crime, cuddles, and chaos. Despite not sharing a litter, their bond is stronger than a double-shot of catnip espresso. They first crossed paths at a foster house, and from that moment on, they've been inseparable. Ready to add a dash of whimsy and a sprinkle of purr-sonality to your home, Luke and Mishka are here to steal hearts.


A charming tabby with a reserved demeanor, Luke has been indoor since his rescue in June 2023. Currently enjoying the company of his best friend, Mishka, Luke is doing well in a multi-cat household.

While initially reserved, Luke warms up with time, becoming a friendly, affectionate, and super gentle companion.

He relies on Mishka for confidence and takes cues from her, making him the yin to her yang.

Luke likes playtime but will be the last one to join the party. His favorite toy is Mishka! And, small bouncy balls, and even water from a running tap.

He's a scavenger with hopes of catching an errant morsel in the kitchen.

This quiet cat enjoys being on a warm lap, cuddles, and chin scratches. Luke is a purring machine once he's comfortable.


An exotic-looking calico beauty with short fur, big ears, and an athletic body, Mishka was found in a basement parking electrical room, screaming her head off.

Mishka loves engaging with people. She's the first to greet anyone or any pet entering the foster home.

A social, confident, and gentle cat, Mishka enjoys playtime with Luke and toys, especially after meals.

Mishka's 'Mishka time' involves a lot of cuddles and kisses, making her the perfect companion for your favorite TV programs.

While not overly talkative, Mishka has the cutest 'squeak' when engaging in the occasional chat.

She loves to play chase with Luke and enjoys various toys, showcasing her playful and happy-go-lucky nature.

Dynamic Duo

Together, Luke and Mishka make a purrfect pair, offering endless entertainment, companionship, and love. If you're looking for a dynamic cat duo to brighten your days, Luke and Mishka are ready to charm their way into your heart!

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