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Royal, Regal, Relaxed!

1.5 years old, neutered, male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Meet Mr. White - a charming Persian cross with a heart as white as his fluffy coat. This handsome feline, approximately a year old, has had his fair share of adventures before finding his way into the loving arms of his rescuer.

He was found in the park, abandoned, and struggling to find a place for himself amongst the other territorial park cats. But Mr. White's fate took a turn when he melted into the arms of his rescuer, begging to be loved. Once home, he fit right in, though it was clear he belonged to someone and had a home before his misadventure in the park.

This big boy enjoys kisses and scratches under the chin. He doesn't mind being picked up but might protest if he's not in the mood. He has a soft meow and is very well behaved. He gets along with other cats but will defend himself if pushed into a corner. If he has had enough petting, he will gently bite to let you know he is done. He is friendly with humans and is a confident boy.

With his regal demeanor and affectionate yet independent nature, Mr. White is the perfect mix of cuddly companion and majestic ruler. He's always up for a scratch under the chin and enjoys the occasional lap sitting session.

Mr. White has a few quirks that add to his charm - he's a bit of a foodie and appreciates his meals kept under wraps, and he'll let you know when he's had enough attention with a gentle nibble.

He was recently placed in a foster home, so we are still learning about his behavior and funny habits. It's clear there is so much more about Mr. White we are yet to discover, but one thing is certain: he is already proving to be an amazing house pet and a potential friend for resident cats.

In his ideal kingdom, Mr. White would thrive in a calm household without young children, and he may enjoy the company of another cat who understands his need for space. With his microchip, neutering, and impeccable manners, he's ready to grace your home with his royal presence.

If you're looking for a loving companion with a touch of royalty, Mr. White may be the perfect match for your kingdom. Contact us to learn more about welcoming this sweet and dignified gentleman into your home.

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