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Big soft cuddle monster

8 years old, neutered male



Nacho, is a big softy. He likes nothing more than hunting down the warmest spot in the house and having a long snooze. Whether that be in a lovely ray of sunshine, on a particular warm underfloor pipe or on a lucky persons lap. He's a very relaxed and friendly cat that has so much love to give to a very lucky owner.

Nacho spends his days moving from spot to spot and snoozing, between gazing out the window and making weird mouth noises at the neighbourhood birds. He likes going outside and sniffing things, or being taken out on his lead.

Nacho is a charismatic, docile boy who loves nothing more than spending time with his human family, he also loves spending time with dogs. Nacho very much takes the alpha role in the dog/cat relationship and wont take any stick - making it his mission to commandeer their bed and all of their toys! He doesn't like it when dogs continually sniff his private parts, he will tell them off if they are too much with a polite slap to the face!

Nacho is very independent, but he loves being around his humans - whether that just be relaxing in the same room, on their lap or even on their laptop keyboard as they are trying to type! He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body and has never once maliciously scratched or bitten anyone. He will of course play fight if instigated!

Kids: Yes

Generally indoor, but can be accustomed to go outside if the area is safe (not on a busy road)

Other cats: No issues.

Dogs: Loves their companionship, but him and the dog will need time to be introduced to one another.

Food: Nachos' favourite food is dry pellets. Since his rescue, he has lived on Royal Canin Satiety Weight Management dry cat food and he loves it, and since adoption has not been sick or had a bad tummy one single time. He is a very versatile boy.

Rescue Story: Nacho is an Arabian Mao that was rescued from the streets of Dubai back in 2020 and flown over to the UK. Since his arrival he's transformed the life of his owners and taught them about true companionship. He has so much love to give and deserves a family that can pay it back to him.

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