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All eyes on me

1.5 yrs, neutered male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

He LOVES to play - anything is a potential toy, but he is especially fond of feather teasers such as Da Bird and nylon tunnels. He can entertain himself with small catnip toys that he can throw in the air and with circuits/mazes with an integrated ball. However, he prefers attention from his peeps and when they play with him using interactive toys. He purrs as soon as you give him any attention. Suitable for a family with older children.

He doesn't use claws when playing but will nip his peeps to get their attention. It can be a painful nip because he grips skin and pulls but hasn't yet broken skin. He is become familiar with the word "No" when he nips.

He isn't a lap cat but that might develop as he gets older. Currently, he enjoys relaxing in the presence of his peeps. He doesn't like to be picked up or held and hates being restrained in any way.

He isn't overly talkative but can become chatty when trying to get attention. He is an attention seeker but that might wear off as he ages.

Reggie would do best in a quiet household and with a couple or a family with older children.

Kids: 12+

Indoor only, however, could benefit from being leash trained (this takes patience and time) or a safe catio.

Other cats: Maybe. Although we’ve never seen him with any other animals.

Dogs: Maybe. Although we’ve never seen him with any other animals. It would need to be a cat-friendly dog and careful introductions would need to be carried out.

Food: Royal Canin Fit 32 is always available. Sheba Prawn and Tuna 1 dome in the morning and 1 dome in the evening

Litter: Clay clumping in an open litter tray, located in a quiet area.

Rescue Story: Reggie was found in a community park in Dubai. His carers took on the responsibility for rehoming him as he was overly friendly and wouldn’t be a candidate to remain as a stray cat. Due to the challenges with a shortage of homes and the overpopulation of stray cats in the Middle East, we are hoping to secure a permanent and loving home for him in the UK. His foster said, “Reggie is a lovely cat and it is a pleasure fostering him”.

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