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Gentle introvert with gorgeous amber eyes, who will blossom with time and love.

2,5 year old, neutered, male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Rory is a 2.5 y.o. sweet gentle boy with gorgeous amber eyes. He was sadly found with an injury to his tail whilst living as a stray in Dubai, which resulted in full tail amputation. His injury has fully healed, and his movement hasn’t been affected.

Rory has yet to experience a forever home, and with time and love, we are confident this little introvert will blossom! Once he gets to know you, he will zigzag in between your legs and bop you too with his head. He is relaxed and sociable around other cats, bopping noses with them. He would make a perfect companion for kind, patient, and experienced cat parents, who will give him a bit of time and space to adjust and settle at his own pace.

Rory prefers not to be picked up, but once he trusts you, he will come and sit next to you, curl up and go to sleep.

Rory is now an indoor cat, but if he has access to a fully cat proofed balcony or garden, he will be very happy watching the birds, sunshine and movements outside.

Other cats: Yes – Rory is sociable and likes the company of cats. He regularly meets other cats and will always greet them with a nose bump. He’s generally unfazed and is calm. With the right, slow introduction, we are confident he will thrive and be at his best in a home with other cats/kittens. He was introduced to a kitten recently and took on the role of cat foster dad well.

Dogs: No – unless with very careful introductions to a cat-friendly relaxed dog. Rory has only met one small dog, a young chihuahua.

Food: Dry food: is always available. He isn’t really a fussy eater and will eat most kibbles.

Wet food: Rory sometimes eats wet food (a couple of times a week) (Sheba salmon & tuna with gravy), but he prefers dry kibble and wet treats – as he tends to lick the gravy and leave the meat. He really likes Kit Cat Purr Puree Chicken & Fiber Hairball Wet Cat Treats and Kit Cat Purr Puree Plus Urinary Care Chicken, and Dreamies chicken and salmon treats.

Litter tray: Rory is litter trained, with no accidents and is used to clumping litter.

Since the trauma to his tail, Rory is shy and will be happiest in a calm and quiet home without children (unless its a responsible teenagers)

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