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Marbled Marvel

1.5 Yrs. Spayed female


Scotland (can be transported anywhere in UK)

Uniquely Marbled-Bengal and ginger female. Her personality radiates calm, and her purrs will fill any room with serenity. Shiva is a gentle and docile little kitty, making her the perfect cat for a first-time pet parent. We named her Shiva (Persian) as she was kind to her caregivers and articulate with mommy-skills to her kittens.

Shiva was found gasping for air when she was dumped outside on the hottest day of the summer in Dubai, with six-week-old kittens (four) in tow who were still nursing from her. She didn’t let them out her sigh despite being disoriented and suffering in the heat. Kitty welfare advocates, rushed to her assistance to get them to shelter and safety. Immediately, after being rescued, she showed her humans appreciation by flopping over onto her belly for tummy tickles – ever after being failed by the first humans.

Shiva welcomes attention and love in in all forms, her purring starts the moment she locks eyes on her humans. She loves to be cuddled and have a chin, ear, and belly strokes. A high cat tree is a must in her new home as she likes to be high up and admire her surroundings. She loves to watch and chip at the birds from the window, a window hammock is also a must.

She is a very social cat that does not shy away with new people. The ideal home will be a lively environment where she will always have interaction throughout the day. She has been in a home with pre-teens who she adored. As you will see in the pictures, she is a climber and thinks she's a super-hero from Marvel with her climbing skills. A home that will tolerate Shiva with getting into high places would be desirable.

Indoor or outdoor: Shiva is an indoor cat, and it would need to remain this way in her new home. A catio would be essential as she loves spending time on the balcony which is secured.

Children: Yes, boundaries and safety around pets would need to be taught to the children. A safe place to retreat would be required for Shiva.

Dogs: No, she has been in a foster home with a dog which scared her.

Health: Shiva is 1.5 yrs old, spayed, vaccinated, and dewormed. FIV/FeLV Negative and overall great health. She is a marbled-Bengal mixed breed.

Litter: Fully house-trained, a hooded tray and clumping sand.

Food: a combination of wet and dry. She loves her wet food and treats. If you don’t dish up quick enough you expect a little nip on your ankle, but not aggressive.

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