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Precious pair

4 y.o, sterilised, male and female


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Sky and Lulu are bonded siblings that are affectionate and well-mannered around the home. You’ll often find them playing, sleeping, and grooming each other. Sky is the confident and outgoing one while Lulu is gentle and calm, looking up to her brother for reassurance. Anyone lucky to adopt these precious kitties will be sure to receive an abundance of love back from them.

About Lulu (tabby and white)

Lulu’s main demands are a warm comforting lap and a blankie to snooze under. She is quite smoochy once she has warmed up to you and loves watching the birds from the safety of the indoors. She is incredibly loving and radiates serene energy with her purrs.

She will come up to her hoomans for pets and chin rubs and other times she will happily snooze in a quiet nook or a cosy bed. She enjoys observing from a high spot from her cat tree and loves playing in cardboard boxes as well as small items like pens and pencils.

Although a little timid at first in a new environment, it won’t take long for Lulu to settle and seek out a caring lap and cuddles. Her sidekick is her brother and is always very loving towards him, often grooming him.

Overall, Lulu is very well-behaved and housetrained – she is an elegant, soft, and nimble kitty.

About Sky (white and ginger)

He is a confident personality and past his kitten stage as he loves to curl up in a cardboard box or bags to snooze in. He is incredibly intelligent and curious to know what’s happening around the home and this includes being able to open cupboards by himself. He will expose his tummy to his favourite peeps, but he isn’t a fan of it being interfered with! His silky soft coat is irresistible and will even let out a “hello” in the morning when you wake up! He’s super easy-going, with a goofy personality. He’s bonded with his sister and frequently pouncing on her in jest!

Sky can get over-stimulated when petted for long periods, although he loves the attention, he needs engaging interaction like talking to him. You can grab his attention with a feather toy, or anything attached to a string. Sky has a sensitive side to him as he sometimes becomes overwhelmed in busy households, but one thing is for sure he would make a loyal companion!

They would be suitable for a home that is calm and quiet, without children. They would make perfect companions to a mature home that will be attentive to them and give them access to the whole home, but they must remain as indoor cats.

Kids: No

Indoor only

Other cats: No

Dogs: No

Food: Dry food: is always available. Royal Canin - a mix of Regular Fit and Oral Care.

Wet food: approximately half a packet/tin (85g) in the evening around 8-9 pm. Loves wet food and especially loves Salmon and Fish flavours. Some brands include Sheba and Purina Felix. Favourite treats: especially loves Sheba Melty Creamy Treats. Also loves Friskies treats.

Feeding note: Lulu must be fed separately from Sky as he often tries to eat her food - for example, on a slightly higher surface like a desk/table/chair, or a couple of meters away. Sky's food is put down first and then Lulu's on a desk above him.

Litter: Clay Clumping in a hooded tray placed in a quiet area of the house.

Rescue Story: Sky and Lulu were surrendered by their family due to medical reasons that they were unable to continue caring for them. They have been in a home environment since they were kittens, however, they’ve not had the stability of a permanent foster home in the last few months. We’d love for them to be adopted by a family that will cherish them and love them.

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