Interesting & Charming

1.5 yrs. Spayed Female


For adoption anywhere in the UK

She is quite quirky and seems to be in her own world from time to time, but she runs up to her foster mum every morning when she opens the kitten room door. She loves cuddles and love first before she tucks into her breakfast – she has a very good appetite though. Other than being sensitive about being picked up she is quite cheeky and loves playing with toys, running around the house and having fun with the other kitties.

She takes time to get used to her 'person', she's a little timid of loud noises and prefers routine. She was initially extremely scared of everything when she arrived at her foster home in May 2021, understandable given what she went through. It took a few weeks for her to get used to touch, but soon she became very friendly. She now loves cuddles and rubs so much she dribbles with happiness!! She loves sitting next to me watching TV under a blanket and will happily spend hours cuddled up next to her foster. She is quite chatty and seems to chat to herself or will call for her human if she hasn't seen them for a while or wants something!

Sophia had a tough, troubled start which makes her a little timid to start, but once she trusts you she is your love bug. She is also very good at catching flies or any bugs!!! When she loves her person she is very cuddly and wants to spend time having lots of cuddles and rubs, she enjoys playing with other cats but can also play on her own.

Sophia would suit a calm household, but she likes activity around and other cats to play with if possible, but she would be happy as an only cat too. She would suit a person/family willing to give her 3-4 weeks to settle in and love her unconditionally. Take time to spend with her, get to know her and pat her so she gets used to you. She will eventually come to you and want to sit next to you for cuddles and become your best friend. Her foster started this by patting her when she was eating and it went from there.

Sophie is sensitive about being picked up, it takes time to get her used to it, I can get her on my lap but she doesn't like being carried

Children: Ideally a home with older children.

Dogs: We've not seen Sophia with dogs.

Diet: Applaws wet food, Royal Canin Wet food, Royal Canin Dry - kitten / Indoor. She has a great appetite, so you may need to watch she doesn't overeat.

Sophia Loren is 11 months old, spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and in good health.

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