Don't need to work. I'm a cat.

4 yrs. spayed female


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Trixie loves being attached to her human. She loves human touch and follows you everywhere, making her a loyal companion. She is easily entertained with her box of toys but is quite content with watching the world go by so a window hammock is a must. Instantly friendly with anyone she meets, needing to get in any extra chin rubs! If you’re looking for an affectionate kitty, then read on to find out more.

She has an amazing personality and gentle and docile girl. Spending most of her day being a lady of leisure, she is content napping and grazing while her hooman is out making bank to make sure she gets the best in life! Not having to worry about bills, she has been known to scratch the carpet, but this has been sorted out with adequate scratch posts made from sisal and cardboard – she likes variety - vertical and horizontal - so put those on your shopping list! That’s as far as any negative comments go with this adorable little kitty.

Trixie's current love is her foster daddy who said they have a wonderful evening together with playtime. First, they play a bit fetch, or she loves the laser then is sure to reward her with her food and some treats. She makes a purrfect buddy to binge on a Netflix series while she cuddles next to him. She isn’t that keen on invading personal space but will politely sit next to you or near you. Trixie knows when it’s bedtime and follows her hooman to bed where she will sleep straight through to the next morning – not often but sometimes she will wake up before him meowing but often falls back asleep when you ignore her.

Trixie hates closed doors at night – so if you’re not prepared to let her sleep with you at night then she will be singing a very sorry song…alllll night.

Trixie's ideal family would be a quiet environment either a couple with no kids or a family with older children that interact with her gently and with a very patient approach. She loves to play and loves human company, ideally not leaving her alone for too long. Your home will be her home, so access all areas for this little VIP lady!

Kids: 12+

Indoor only

Other cats: Maybe

Dogs: Maybe - We haven't tested her with dogs; however, we believe given her personality, that she could be easily introduced following a step by step and slow intro to a resident dog.

Food: Trixie loves dry food which is always available. In the evening time, when it's dinner time she gets her half pouch of wet food which enjoys a lot. She is on Royal Canin Indoor

Litter: Clumping clay in a closed box, located in the guest bathroom

Rescue Story:

Trixie was rescued from the streets of Dubai in early 2022. She was standing next to the entrance door every day at the same time, begging to enter the building probably looking for a safe place to sleep and respite from the heat. She was first fostered for a few days in a separate room cause her rescuer had other cats and after moved to a very quiet foster home where she has been an only.

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