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Turbo the Mighty - a Magnificent Mau

2 years old, neutered, male


For adoption anywhere in the UK

Cats were worshipped when they built the pyramids in Egypt and there is no question that Turbo is a descendant of Bastet, the goddess of protection, pleasure, and the bringer of good health. His glorious profile, and magnificent eyes portray the lineage of his royalty.

Turbo rules his household with every inch of his heritage. He will be involved in every activity. His foster parents are vegetarian. This does not stop him (an obligate carnivore) from directing every slice of tomato or cucumber during salad preparation. The food preparers/household slaves will get a head butt acknowledgment during the close inspection of their work. Don’t even try to tell him that kitchen surfaces are off limits. In fact, if you look closely, His Highness bares the scars from a slight tackle with a hot plate on his hind paw (his foster family has signed an NDA so cannot say anything more about this youthful mistake).

His powerful presence and magnanimous grace is everything you’d ever hoped for should you be so bold as to invite royalty into your home. Closed doors do not deter him - his muscular frame and determination will conquer mere latch handles in seconds (the NDA prevents current foster parents from mentioning that turn handles and locks are beyond his mighty powers).

His affections are disposed in the form of head crushes, face snuggles, and way more nose2butt action than one would expect from royalty.

Turbo is a very intelligent cat who will need plenty of enrichment. If you have a safe, enclosed outdoor space, he will be in seventh heaven.

He has tidy bathroom habits although sometime likes to loudly announce his deposits (before and after) and likes to very energetically dig at least 3 holes in the litter before selecting the perfect constitutional position.

He was just 4/5 weeks old when he was found on stuck in a pipe on a building site loudly protesting the indignity. He has been brought up in a multi-cat household (strictly indoors), and has adapted well to other invaders, however is dominant, so will need careful introductions.

He is a tall muscular cat who is extremely athletic and graceful - he might be up there in your ornaments but it is rare for him to break things.

The ideal home is spacious, with lots of at home company and plenty of enrichment and play time.

He is not a fussy eater or particularly vocal. He has particular miaows for particular needs, such as : “I want to go oooooowt!”, “I had a great poooop!”, “play with meeeeee”.

He is curious around human guests and will say hi with various degrees of buttface / head crashes / vocalising. The vacuum cleaner is a mere annoyance and he is quite bomb proof.

He enjoys being picked up, but affection is always on his terms - his lap visits are short but meaningful.

He is magnificent with stunning yellow eyes, deep black shiny fur and (shhhhhh - only to be mentioned in private) a little white mankini. This kitty is a Unit - 6kgs of solid muscle. He is a house-panther.

He is extremely healthy (no issues since his kittenhood) and is not a fussy eater (combo dry and wet food).

Age: 2 years

Weight: 6kgs

Height: 33cm at the shoulder (at 3 HH he’s almost a pony!)

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