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8 months old, male  - neutered, vaccinated, microchipped 

He loves cuddles and wants to be stroked – all the time. He enjoys being picked up and enjoys all the attention one can give! His purring switch goes on as soon as he locks eyes on his hooman. Mind your step, he will be swerving in out them, rubbing up on your legs demanding that he is given attention – he’s clingy like that! Having said this, he is quite happy to entertain himself with his toys or chase his own tail which is hilarious to watch!


Angel’s nickname and Anji which he seems to respond to more and comes running to his hooman on demand, that’s if he’s not already glued next to you. He is a kitten at heart and full of zestful little antics which makes anyone go awwwww….he will try and push his boundaries at times, but responds well to a firm no.


During his time in a foster home, his personality has blossomed, showing us his playful side, which wasn’t prevalent when he was first rescued. He loves to play with his toys, so long as they are interactive and occupy his mind, a simple cat nip toy does quite cut the enrichment for Angel – interactive toys and mind stimulation are essential. He likes to hunt and hide balls and anything with a feather on it.


He loves sleeping in his cat tree and retreats there when he needs some ‘me time’ for essential catnapping. He is fully housetrained and has not displayed any bad habits around the house or towards people.


Kids: We have not seen him interact with kids yet, but we suspect he would be welcoming to gentle interaction with toys.


Dogs: we don’t know as we have not seen him interact with any.


Outdoors: he was on the streets before coming into our care so he is streetwise, a home with a secure garden away from a busy road is essential and adequate outdoor training would be essential. we would prefer for Anji to be indoors for his own safety.


Food: not fussy, we are still learning what his favourite food is, but he seems to love any kind of wet food. Dry food – he finishes the full bowl of it too. He is on a wet and dry diet. We do not promote supermarket brands and only feed are rescues with a high-quality nutrient-rich feed.


Male, 9 months old, neutered, negative for ringworms/ FIV/FeLV, microchipped, dewormed– will be vaccinated next week.


Rescue Story: One of our Middle East animal welfare advocates, spotted him swerving in and out of cars in a residential parking lot, covered in soot. The temperatures soaring up the 50s make the underground car park feel like a furnace – no place for any animal. He required no familiarising and walked straight into the carrier; he knew he was being rescued. Based on the behaviours we have observed since he has been rescued, tells us he was dumped deliberately and once knew what a home is.