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Available for overseas adoption

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1 years old male, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, positive for FIV, negative for FELV

Bennie’s been subject to abuse at the hands of humans before his rescue. He’s now in a foster home where he is receiving all the love and care – most importantly learning to trust again. He was found wounded, fur matted and cowering away afraid to let anyone near enough to pick him up. A result of being attacked by other street cats has left him FIV+, asymptomatic as he has a clean bill of health thanks to his rescuers obtaining the medical care he needed. You can read more about FIV HERE.


Bennie is a placid cat who enjoys spending most of his day wanting to hunt out his soft toys. He acknowledges his humans when they walk into the room with a meow and initiates his excitement from afar. It will take only a short time to earn his trust, but it will be rewarding when you do, he needs a calm and understanding person to appreciate his past and how far he has come.


He is currently in a multi-cat foster home where he has been subject to some bullying from one of the older cats therefore a home where he can be the only cat would be desirable, but a home with other cats who are as placid as him would be strongly considered.


Bennie is still a work in progress when it comes to learning to trust humans, so no sudden movements to scare him. Once he knows you’re not going to hurt him he will roll over to show you his fluffy tummy. This alone shows he has the potential to be a cuddle bug in the right environment. He would welcome the company of other felines providing he can be the boss not because he is aggressive, but because any cat bigger or older than him can scare him.


The ideal home will be experienced with cats and pick up on feline behaviour to bring out the best in Bennie. Ideally, a senior couple or a home without any children. A catio would be desirable but not essential. He is strictly an indoor cat and cannot go outside.


Can you be the person to give Bennie his happily ever after in a calm and safe environment to restore his faith in humans?


Children: No


Dogs: We have not seen him with dogs, and a cat-friendly dog would be desirable. Careful introductions are essential.


Food: Premium dry food and he loves his Applaws Luxury Selection wet food.


Toys: soft toys, wands he can chase and he has one particular mouse he LOVES and his rescuer will arrange for this to be sent across with him!


Litter: clumping sand with a top entry box.

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