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Black and white rescue cat


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13 years old, spayed female, microchipped, vaccinated

Betty Boo is looking for comfort and companionship, she’s easy going and doesn’t ask for much. She loves her food, a comfy lap, a fleecy blanket and watching the world go by.


She and her sister Cindy were removed from a hoarder’s house 3 years ago by the council and kept in a cattery in separate pens without any daylight in Bedfordshire.


One of our rescuers living close by heard both cats had spent 3 years alone in their small pens and were so upset that she decided to take them both and find them loving homes.


Cindy found a home quite quickly but sadly Betty is still waiting.


She’s a small cat of around 3kg in weight. Very dainty, allows you to pick her up and loves a good fuss, purring like a freight train.


Despite her age of 13 years, she has her playful moments, yet she is a very easy-going low maintenance cat. Happy in her own company if you need to go out and happy to have you around when you’re home -she loves to sleep with you and makes a very loyal companion.


Healthwise, she is in good shape however she does suffer from irritable bowels for time to time. This means her stools are usually very soft and she can vomit sometimes. She’s completely litter trained however it would be a good idea to have at least 2 litter trays available for her and we also think being able to go outside would help make the situation easily manageable. Her teeth are fantastic for a cat her age and she had blood tests to check her thyroid which is working well.


It takes a special person to be willing to give an older cat a happy retirement and we know whoever takes her in will absolutely adore her.

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