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6 months old, neutered males 

Blaze and Bradley are bonded siblings and will be adopted together. They love nothing more than be the centre of attention and playtime. They would be a great addition a lively household where they can interact with big and small humans.


Named after the streak of grey at the back of his head, Blaze is a spunky and playful boy, about 7 months old.  After a rough start outdoors and initial trepidation, he fell in love with his foster mum once he realised he was safe and loved. 

Blaze loves attention and purrs non stop when he is picked up. He likes to inspect his human and figure out what breed of cat is so big! He is fascinated by human hair and mobile phones. Blaze will give you sweet little kisses and snuggle up for a nap on your lap. 

He loves his brother Bradley and together they love to discover the world around them.  Blaze is neutered and vaccinated and eagerly waiting for his forever home.


Bradley is a handsome boy, aptly named after his namesake, Bradley Cooper. He is the sweetest boy but is a tad shy. He looks to his brother Blaze to assure him that it is safe and ok to get cuddles from his foster mom.  Bradley loves to be petted and is learning that it might be fun to be carried by his foster mom. 

Bradley loves spending his time sunbathing and he'll be sure to scout out the sun trap in the house so he can nap whilst catching the afternoon sun. 

This good looking boy will melt your heart with his sweet demeanour. Bradley is neutered and vaccinated and eagerly awaiting for his forever home.

Both boys are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. 

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