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5 years old, spayed females

These two loving pair were rescued at different times and created a bond with each other and would need to remain together as well. They are both social and affectionate with each other and their humans. They would be best suited to a mature home without children and other animals. Read on to find out more about their personalities.



Bunny is curious about her surroundings and isn’t shy to approach new people to see what they’re all about. She likes to interact with her humans, purrs and talks back when you ask her where’s Peggy (or any other question for that matter of fact)! She will invite herself onto the sofa next to you in the evening cuddles when you are relaxing. She likes to play and happily entertains herself with her sister Peggy.



Peggy is the more reserved one out of the two and seeks out her sister for confidence. She will be a little more cautious about new people and watch from afar before she decides to engage in any sort of interaction. She also likes to talk back to her humans and trills in various pitches when she wants to interact with her sister. She has 3 legs, but this doesn’t stop her from getting around like any other cat. Peggy won’t sit on your lap but will like to be near you when you are relaxing.


Both love to play with feathers and anything on a stick they can chase or run around within their mouth when they are on hunting-mode 100. Quite often you will find them both chasing unicorn farts around your bedroom, but they will soon settle and wander off for a well-deserved nap. Their favourite pastime is to look out the window and watch the world go by as well as a chip at the birdies who come and sit on the ledge with no clue there is a cat on the other side – Cat TV on YouTube will entertain them for hours!


The ideal home would be one that is child-free and quiet – a home looking to make these two girls the centre of their attention and give them a calm environment. They are fully indoors so this would need to remain, and they are fully housetrained always displaying good behaviour.


Bunny and Peggy are 5 years old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed.

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