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5 years old, neutered male, microchipped, vaccinated FIV+

This dude is a bit of both!

Earl is currently in a multi-cat household and is a gangster around the other cats, particularly if they are submissive, but he is the perfect gentleman with his peeps.

Earl is generally a very easy going, relaxed, quiet and affectionate cat who will tolerate dogs if they don’t interfere with him but ultimately he would be happier if they weren’t around. He is cautious around new peeps and needs to be given time to interact with them on his own terms but once he has bonded with you, he is a steadfastly loyal companion.

He doesn’t mind being picked up and loves bestowing his favourite peeps with head butts. He isn’t a lap cat but forms a strong bond with his human and always wants to around them, rub against them when they sit or lie down and cuddle endlessly. Earl will occasionally engage in polite conversation and regale with you with his adventures in a very soft meow but he isn’t overly talkative.

The warrior-side of Earl shows itself in playful bursts of energy but he is a couch potato at heart! Like any nobleman, getting lots of beauty sleep is an important part of Earl’s day and he can frequently be found making biscuits in his plushy bed before settling down for a nap.

There are no children in the current foster home so we don’t know how he would be around kids but he is startled by loud noises and plays somewhat rough. So, he would probably be best suited to a home without children or one with older children who are quiet, understand boundaries and respect animals.

Earl’s ideal home would be a quiet one, without other pets and with adults who are calm and will love and shower him with adoration and affection – after all, no warrior or nobleman should have to share the limelight with others!


AGE:  Earl’s estimated DOB is 7 December 2016.


HEALTH: Earl is a healthy FIV+ male.  He has had surgery to correct inverted eyelids and all of his teeth have been removed due to a painful gum infection; he has fully recovered from those surgeries.  He has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated.  FIV positive/FeLV negative.


FOOD:  Earl isn’t a fussy eater and enjoys Taste of the Wild Prey – beef and turkey flavours. He isn’t a fan of wet food.


LITTER: He appreciates a clean, open litter box with clumping clay but would likely adapt to any type of litter or box.

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