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8 months old, special needs, spayed female

Elara, named after one of Jupiter’s irregular moons; she will radiate the heart of anyone who meets her. Other names are LaLa or LuLu, out of pure love for this little girl. She was rescued when she was a mere 4 weeks old from a hazardous situation. We knew she was a special little kitty as she has never been able to stand or walk, but she is the most determined kitty you will ever meet. Her immobility certainly doesn’t stop her from getting where she wants to and being a curious kitten – it just so happens to be horizontally, and this includes the litter tray. She can use a normal litter tray without assistance whilst taking pride in keeping herself clean with a good grooming session. She loves feeding time and also capable of eating on her own, you can expect her to become very protective of her food, but she eats well, loving her wet food the most. Elara is looking for a forever home with someone who understands her needs and shares the same determination as her will to live. 

About her condition: 

Elara is much smaller than a kitten her age and her development is slower than your average cat too. 

We assumed this could have been a severe case of cerebella hyperplasia but having had an MRI scan showing completely normal brain and development for a kitten her age, we can only assume this is a rare form of a genetic disorder due to over breeding or the mother being severely emaciated when in utero, which is sadly something we see quite often in this region due to the lack of a sterilisation programme. Therefore, her diagnosis remains inconclusive, putting it down to an unidentified neurological disorder. We suspect, she could go on to live a full life like a normal cat. 

She is receiving extensive physiotherapy and had the training to learn to walk in a pet-wheelchair. We are currently waiting for a bigger wheelchair for her with a better fit for her body. However, she will require supervision when in the wheelchair as she sometimes gets stuck. 

What she needs: 

A home that understands feline behaviour and experience with cats with CH or other mobility issues. Your home will have to be repurposed to enable a cat with determination a safe space to explore. If you have another cat and a proper introduction can be done, then this would be desirable, so Elara has a buddy to play with. Elara uses sounds to let you know when she has had enough time in the wheelchair or if she wants something. 

She loves to be picked up and feels the safest when she is swaddled in a blanket and can sit with you like this for hours. She likes to sleep in a hooded bed or play inside a tunnel. She likes her small teddy we called Shelly, who is often at the receiving end of her back-kicks and we give it to as a bite toy. She can become overstimulated at times which will result in biting, but again this an indication to let you know she’s had enough and wants to be put down or come out the wheelchair, this isn’t done viciously. 

Ideally, you will be able to give Elara a home set-up where she isn’t left alone for long periods. 

If you are in a position to offer any special needs kitty a home, please let it be Elara as she will be sure to bring much joy and give you the love back. We can provide you with the full prognosis and medical records on request. 

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