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2 years old, spayed female

She was given her name because her first home was the Electrical Substation which she reluctantly vacated due to bullying by one of her feline co-resident community cats; sadly, this bullying resulted in Electra protecting herself by hiding in a tree.


She became very comfortable with familiar welfare advocates who regularly fed her and would come running down from her tree to greet them.  She was always happy to be petted and gave the occasional head butt.


She is a sweet, gentle, loving cat but is very shy, and will hide until she feels safe; it will take a little while to build trust requiring patience and encouragement to get close. When she feels safe, she has the loudest healing purrs. She will find a sunspot and spend hours napping. She is an independent cat that can come across a little aloof, but once comfortable and bonded with her human she is a great little companion to have as a pet.


Electra is a little Arabian Mau, petite for her age and she will remain this way.


She would do well in a quiet home, ideally with older children or no children at all, and no other pets. The environment would need to be a calm and quiet household where she can have access to choose where she naps.


A safe outdoor space supervised would be beneficial otherwise, she would need to remain as an indoor cat in her future home.


Electra is 2 years old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed.

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