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Available for overseas adoption to anywhere in the UK

1.5 year old female  - spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed

Emerald (or Emmy) was picked up as part of a mass TNR (Trap Neuter and Return) operation in Dubai by her rescuer. Having met her and interacted with her, her rescuer didn’t have the heart to release her back outside. She has a flare in her personality which stood out and the fact that she managed to escape the trap while driving down the highway to take in the scenery only added to the decision that she would bring character into someone’s home! Since being sterilised, she has been completely indoors at her foster home.


Emmy is independent and can play with her toys for hours, she is a happy go lucky sort of kitty who will shadow her hooman, making her the perfect addition to any family. She walks around confidently, rubbing up and around your legs whilst purring like a lawnmower! Her confidence allows her to greet new visitors, even those who might not be too fond of cats – she will soon turn them to love cats…or just her since she will never say no to a chin rub! Move up…she will be sleeping in bed with you and is well trained on when it’s bedtime, she will need a little fuss and then settle right in for the night.


She will not tolerate is being picked up or carried around, so any children in the household will need to be completely respectful of this, therefore a home with older children would be preferred. When she wants her beauty sleep (which is often) she likes to be left alone, or you may be met with a little tap – never vicious and can be over-stimulated to induce a love bite, so you’d need to learn her tell-tale signs on when to let her be.


Perfectly housetrained, little trained and has access to toys and adequate scratch posts around the apartment.


Forget closed doors, you will have zero privacy with Emmy around, she’s currently taught herself to launch at the door handle to open it!


Kids: Ideally, older (teenage +) who are respectful of animals and understand boundaries. First time pet-owners welcome.


Dogs: We have not seen her with any but could do well with another four-legged friend if it’s a small breed with proper introductions and the dog must be cat-friendly.


Other cats: Emmy wants to play with the foster’s resident cat but asserts her authority. Therefore, any new cat introductions will require a well-experienced cat owner who has carried out introductions before. She may do well with one or two cats, but not more.


INDOOR ONLY – or would need to have a catio/cat-proof garden.


Health: FIV/FELV negative, dewormed, vaccinated and spayed.


Finally, Emmy LOVES food, can’t say we blame her…so have a stocked cupboard for this bubbly girl who will tell you in her own words to hurry up when dishing up her food. She is currently on a combination of wet and dry food.

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