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Available for overseas adoption

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1 years old male, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, negative for FIV/FELV

Gigi has a confident and chilled personality with the ability to adapt easily. Since arriving at his foster home, he found his comfortable snoozing and relaxing spot on the first day and that has been his favourite place since. He likes to find a nice sunspot, where he will stretch out and snooze for hours.


During the day he will play with the other kitties in the foster home, sometimes they can have a session of evening zoomies as well, but this isn’t often. He seeks out hooman attention all the time and requires to be in a home where he can choose with whom he will get cuddles. So, a family and a home with other playful felines are essential.


Gigi enjoys belly rubs and cuddles with his foster parents and when he sees either of them settle down for a relaxing evening, he will often join them on the sofa to help them relax after a long day. Overall super friendly and loves to cuddle so won’t take him long to adapt to a new environment. Gigi is the sweetest when he jumps on his hooman’s lap for a cuddle and places his head on the shoulder for a nap. He's a semi fluffy (Arabian Mau mix), with a bushy tail. He has a slight cross-eye that adds to his charm!

RESCUE STORY: Gigi turned up looking small, emaciated, and weak. He chose the right villa to rock up at as the lady is a huge animal lover and avid rescuer. Without a second thought, he as whisked off to the vets to begin his rescue to rehoming journey. He’s made a huge transformation while being in his foster and become a handsome young chap with a bushy tail


Kids: Yes, he would strive with a family with children


Other cats: yes, he is currently in a multi-cat foster home.


Dogs: We have not seen him interact with dogs, but suspect he would be fine so long the dog is cat-friendly and proper introductions are essential.


Litter: Open litterbox with crystal litter


Food: a combination of wet and dry


He is approx. 1 year old, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Negative for FIV/FELV

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