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5 months old & 2 years old, neutered female 

Holly and Raya bonded unexpectedly and now they are inseparable. They play (endlessly), eat and sleep together. Raya radiates her confidence onto Holly and Holly teaches Raya manners! They would be great for a home set-up with a couple or a someone looking for a companion – either way, they are guaranteed to offer continuous humour! Alternatively, a home with teenagers/young adults. Raya is 5 months old and Holly is over a year old. Continue reading to find out more. 


Rescued on Christmas Eve, we thought the name was quite apt. She has blossomed from a frightened (never showed any aggression) cat to a loving kitty who will expose her belly for rubs. Her progress to becoming a cuddly housecat is thanks to Raya so they can’t be separated more for Holly’s benefit if anything. 

She loves racing around playing with Raya. They both take themselves away for a nap when tired from playtime and Holly will often groom Raya so soothe herself more than anything. 

Holly loves for treats; she knows the sound of the packet and will often go to the kitchen to demand she is fed dreamies! 

She will thrive in a home that will give her time and patience for the initial settling in period. Once she is settled, she will come and sit next to you and let you know she is ready. This doesn’t take long, providing its at her pace to gain your trust. 

Over a year old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and negative for FIV/FeLV.


With her brazen demeanour and affection, she has helped the older cat, Holly to blossom into a loving cat who was once scared of human touch. Holly helped Raya with basic skills on how to be a cat – litterbox and how to clean herself. Sadly, Raya was found in a car engine when she was only 8 weeks old. 

Raya means ‘friend’ and she sure lives up to her name - she’s everyone’s friend! She’s full of confidence, energy and fondness to any human or cat. She loves to run full throttle around the house and the next moment she will collapse next to you for a cuddle. 

She’s well known amongst her foster dad’s work colleagues as she must make a guest cameo at each zoom call. She also ensures he’s feel supported while he’s working by occupying either his lap or sometimes his keyboard. 

She also loves the sound of her own acoustic and often belts out melodies when you least expect it! Praising her is reciprocated with the cutest trills. 

She has excellent interior decoration skills at 3am with loo roll (of course) – that’s her naughty torties side – but she does it quietly at least so you’ll never know about it until you wake up (how considerate)!! 

She’s 5 months old. She was spayed last week as she went into heat really early which isn’t common but it is known for cats to go into season early in this region. Vaccinated and microchipped. We can check for FIV/FeLV before her adoption.

Dogs: could be introduced. But we have not seen them interact with any. 

Kids – Raya would be an added bonus as she loves to play and doesn’t mind being handled. However, Holly might not fit in well with the liveliness of a home with kids. 

They are strictly indoor cats. 

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