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2 years old, neutered male

JoJo was dumped in a colony of cats and was lost in unfamiliar territory. He was scared, panicked and drawing attention to himself, so the rescuer picked him up for his own safety.

After months boarding in a vet clinic and moving between foster homes, JoJo is finally settling into a foster home with an experienced cat owner.  He is a very sensitive cat and it has taken him a while to settle into the foster home and relax.

JoJo is a curious, loving and cuddly cat. He isn’t a lap cat but enjoys snuggling beside his favorite peeps. He enjoys being petted and will purr and knead to show his appreciation. However, he is also a nervous and anxious dude who seems to suffer from severe separation anxiety which manifests itself in crying , episodes of vomiting and reduced appetite. He sometimes cries at night when he is hungry or feeling unsettled; at such times he seeks out a cozy spot to try and comfort himself.

He is a playful, agile cat and enjoys spending time observing birds from the comfort of his cat tree or surveying his kingdom from the top of the kitchen cupboards.

He is easily startled by household noises and therefore would be best suited to a quiet home with experienced, patient cat owners. His ideal family would have someone at home regularly. JoJo enjoys human company but can become bitey when over-stimulated or anxious, so he would be better suited to a home without children or with older children who understand boundaries and appreciate his sensitive nature.

Although currently indoors, he would enjoy a home where he has access to safe outdoor space.

JoJo is currently the only pet in the foster home and would be ok as an only cat but might be fine with a younger cat if properly introduced. He hasn’t been around dogs and, given his anxiety, we expect JoJo would prefer a home without dogs.

HEALTH: JoJo is male. He has suffered numerous bouts of vomiting and loss of appetite which we believe is related to stress and anxiety since blood work has always shown him to be healthy.  A full medical history is available on request. He has been neutered, microchipped, dewormed and is fully vaccinated.  FIV/FeLV negative.

FOOD:  JoJo has a very sensitive stomach. He cries for food and sometimes eats it so quickly, he immediately vomits. He needs a consistent feeding regime with the same food.  He is currently eating Hills Urinary dry food only as wet food upsets his stomach and causes diarrhea.


LITTER:  JoJo is currently using an open litter box with clumping clay.

JoJo is a delicate soul and seems to have had a tough time on the streets. He needs a family who will appreciate his foibles and will work to make him a confident, secure cat.  Once he bonds to his human, he will be a loyal companion and stick to them like glue.

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