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Available for overseas adoption to anywhere in the UK

1.5 year-old, spayed female, vaccinated, microchipped, FIV/FeLV negative

Lolly is waiting for the right person to choose her so she can fully blossom and open up to a loving person. She has changed foster homes twice in the past 7 months which has been a little unsettling for her. The next move will need to be a loving person who can be patient and wait to be accepted at her pace. She would do well to join a family with other cats (maybe dogs), but not essential. Ideally a single person, a couple would be best suitable. INDOOR ONLY.


Once Lolly knows she is safe and settled, she will allow being touched and when she does you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Sadly, this kitty has previously come to harm at the hands of humans. Lolly will happily entertain herself with playtime and take off to a nook for some nap time. She will be around or in the close vicinity of her hooman, but skittish to the touch, this takes time, and she will come to you.


Interactions with Lolly generally happen around playtime (or food!). She loves to play fetch and chase balls, toy mice and generally anything she can dribble around!


Fully housetrained, polite and a fairly quiet cat. She would do well in a cosy, calm, and peaceful mature home. Lolly’s furever home must be willing to accept she is a work in progress and has potential for so much more, but love and appreciate her just the way she is now – you don’t need to be an experienced cat owner, but a patient one is essential.


The way to Lolly’s heart will be through her tummy – she loves food especially wet food! She is on a diet of wet and dry food – Royal Canine. She is a grazer so small meals throughout the day are ideal and some snacks. Dry food is always left out for her to graze on at her leisure.


Litter: Clumping Clay, open litterbox.


Other cats: Lolly’s been in a multi-cat home initially when she was rescued. However, the move to a different foster home has meant that new environment, people, and new cat that hasn’t gone down too well. She can be an only cat, or Should you have other cats, there will need to be gradual introductions and patience is key.


Dogs: we don’t know but suspect she would be fine once careful introductions are carried out and it must be small breed, cat friendly dog.


Kids: No.


Indoor only cat or a fully cat proofed garden would be desirable.


Rescue Story:

Lolly was a victim of a pest control trap, due to being taken away and exterminated. A harrowing daily occurrence on the streets of the Middle East. Thankfully her rescuer was able to arrive in time to release her from the trap and her to safety, so she never has to live another day in fear again. Lolly has been in foster care since June 2021 as only a 4-month-old kitten.  Hence, why she is still distrusting touch and humans but has tons of potential to trust again when she feels settled and safe again.

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