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Lulu enjoying cuddles
Lulu Talking
Lulu playing


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5 years old, spayed female

Lulu loves to have her head and back stroked and welcomes all the attention that you can give her. She would make a perfect companion kitty to anyone living alone. 


She has zero concept of personal space as she will be up in your business whatever you’re doing. She’s quite the social butterfly when meeting new people, head bunting snd rubbing up anyone who will give her attention.


She is currently in a quiet foster home, where she greets her foster mommy with an abundance of meaws and tangles herself around your legs. And oh can she talk, she will tell her whole life story to anyone who will listen and should you walk away, she will be right next to you insisting on more attention. 


As much as she will welcome any attention she gets, Lulu doesn’t like to be picked up, she isn’t too keen on other cats either so she would need to be an only cat. She likes her cat cave and fluffy bed as well as other soft toys. She can be a little predictable at times with biting therefore someone who can understand feline body language would be essential. 


She is used to being an indoor-outdoor cat so a home with a nice garden would be beneficial. A safe garden which is away from roads is essential. 


Lulu isn’t picky with food, especially in the mornings when she looks forward to her portion of wet food. She is fully housetrained and a polite kitty to add some enjoyment to a home lucky enough to adopt her. 


She is 5 years old, spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and negative for FIV/FeLV. 

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