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1 years old, neutered males

These two are a perfect double act and will keep you entertained for hours with their antics! They are just over a year old and not quite grown out of the kitten stage, making them curious about almost everything…mostly they like to know what you are doing! They both love endless lap time for cuddles and chin rubs. Suitable for a mature household. They are currently in Newcastle, can be transported to the right home. 



Mario is more cheeky one out of the two, but in a cute way which  makes him the more confident one. He loves anything he can get his claws into so adequate scratching posts and trees will be required. According to him, just about anything is a toy and he will amuse himself endlessly. He loves to climb on your shoulder for cuddles and has an abundance of love to give. However, when petting he can get over-stimulated resulting in a scratch so lookout for the warning signs before this happens and limit the petting session. Mario likes to know his brother is in close vicinity, usually to help him get up the mischief. 




Luigi is a gentle cat. He loves cuddles, he loves to be with you. He very rarely gets his claws out. He loves to play with his toys and anything he can roll over and back kick (mainly stuffed toys). His favourites are the dangling toys attached to a stick, but he also destroys them in no time. He needs a lot of stimulation to release his energy to ensure he sleeps at night. He likes to climb up onto high places - the higher the better. He can be ‘clumsy’, but also naughty with looking you in the eye as he knocks something off the shelf that’s in ‘his’ way.


They are fully bonded kittens so they will be adopted out together. Both are gentle and socialised. Like any kittens, they are curious about their surroundings and love to interact with their humans. 


They will make a perfect addition to a mature family without any other animals as these two require an enriching environment and engagement.  


They are the ideal indoor cats as they have been indoors for most of their life, but I think some outdoor space which they could explore safely would be really nice for them. 


Dogs: we have not seen them interact with dogs, a home without other pets would be more suitable. 


Both are fully litter trained, neutered, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped, approx. 14 months old. 

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