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1 years old (Marvin) and 5 months old (Stevie), neutered males

Marvin and Stevie (who can’t sit still) were rescued at different times then introduced to each other while in a foster home, now they are inseparable. Stevie is an eccentric character and Marvin is the sensible older brother, however Marvin seeks confidence from Stevie due to his fearless approach to life. They are ying and yang, but together they complete to become the most amazing pair or adoptable kitties.


Marvin appeared in an unfamiliar colony. He was very friendly and starving. After inhaling two cans of wet food, the rescuers decided to pick him up for his own safety.

He was the first cat in the foster home and was initially a little timid indoors. Stevie was brought into the foster home to help Marvin adjust and provide him with a feline friend. Marvin was a little suspicious of Stevie initially and needed to establish that he is the ‘big brother’ but, once the hierarchy was established, Stevie helped Marvin settle into the foster home and he has adjusted well to being indoors.

Marvin is initially a little cautious in unfamiliar surroundings and with strangers but he is very food motivated and quickly overcomes any shyness if food or treats are on offer.

Marvin is a calm, gentle and affectionate cat. Once he relaxes in his surroundings, he is very chilled and enjoys just hanging out.

He purrs simply if you look at him and speaks when spoken to but isn’t overly chatty. He likes rubbing against the legs of his foster parents, being cuddled and snuggling with his favorite peeps on the sofa and bed and with Stevie in a ‘too small for both of us’ bed. He is a playful lad who regularly beats up the bed sheets and any discarded clothing just because he can!

A typical day in Marvin’s life involves being washed by Stevie, playing with Stevie, sleeping with Stevie, being relentlessly pestered by Stevie and generally being a big brother to the little gnat that is Stevie!



Stevie is electric! He is pure energy and will bring a burst of playfulness and joy into a loving home. 

Stevie was put on this earth to cause havoc, play, sleep and repeat!

He is a naughty, mischievous little boy who gets into everything but has such an innocent face, you simply can’t be angry with him. He likes to explore, play and drive Marvin crazy. Stevie is a happy go lucky dude who loves life and all it has to offer. He is sure to bring a smile to your face with his antics.

When not playing, Stevie enjoys cuddling with Marvin and his favorite peeps. Stevie has never met a lap he didn’t like! He is a confident, relaxed, easy going kitty who likes to be part of the action.

Marvin and Stevie are currently in a quiet foster home without children or dogs. Both cats are gentle and would likely be fine with children who respect animals. Marvin would be a little shy at first around children and might prefer a less active household with older kids who aren’t so noisy but Stevie would be fine in an active home with noise and kids of any age. Both cats might be ok with a cat-friendly dog provided introductions are done properly although Marvin would probably take more time to adjust to having a dog in his life than Stevie.

It isn’t absolutely necessary that Marvin and Stevie be adopted together but it would be lovely if they could remain together. Marvin is more independent than Stevie and would likely be ok as an only cat but Stevie would definitively need a feline friend to torment - oops, I mean, to keep company.

AGE:  Marvin’s estimated DOB is 26 May 2020

Stevie’s estimated DOB is 20 February 2021

HEALTH: Marvin and Stevie are both healthy males with no known health issues. They have both been neutered, microchipped, dewormed and are fully vaccinated.  FIV/FeLV negative.

FOOD:  Neither Marvin nor Stevie are fussy eaters and both will happily tuck into any food. They are currently eating Royal Canin Kitten dry food and Royal Canin Kitten wet food in gravy.

LITTER:  Marvin and Stevie are both currently using covered litter boxes with clumping clay.

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