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Milky & Lil' Mo - Dynamic Duo

Available for overseas adoption

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5 months old male and female, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, will be sterilised soon

Lil Mo and Milky cannot wait to join a family that will welcome cuddles. Milky loves to perform a solo concert before each meal and Lil Mo rugby tackles his hooman and demolishes his food faster than a speeding ticket! Both kitties are assertive making them the perfect pair to be welcomed as first-time pets to any family. Both love tummy tickles and chin-rubs! Lil Mo and Milky will always be the friends you can lean on.


Lil Mo

He is confident needing to be in the centre of everything that is happening, he will seek out a warm lap for cuddles at any given moment. He looks to Milky for entertainment and comfort, they are often seen cuddled together for a nap after a good wrestle. He loves playing peek-a-boo in his tunnel and a good scratch on his scratching post. He LOVES water, he is the reason there is often a puddle around the water fountain, he is good with making sure he’s hydrated throughout the day too.



She is quite the adventurer, usually first to seek out whatever she can play with and inquisitive about her surroundings. She is a climber, so a cat tree would be essential. Milky is affectionate and easily handled. She likes to give Lil Mo a good groom before they take themselves off for a nap. She’s also usually the first one to greet anyone by the door, very confident around people.


Other cats: they would be a good addition to a family with cats


Kids: perfect first pet for a family that want kittens to grow with the family, providing safe pet interactions can be monitored by the parents


Dogs: being kittens they can be trained; they are also confident enough to be able to handle being introduced to a dog that is cat friendly


Health: Lil Mo and Milky are 5 months old, vaccinated, dewormed, and will be sterilised when old enough and adopted.


Strictly indoor-only cats. Fully house-trained and litter trained.


Rescue Story:

Lil Mo: It took 3 rescuers, 5 kind by-standers, several departments from the Defences and  8 hours to coax him out the gutter where he was stuck (refused to come out). He was a mere 4 weeks old.


Milky: Found in the car park of a shopping mall and taken to the vets to be put down, which the vets refused to do. There she and Lil’ Mo were introduced and have been inseparable ever since!

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