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10 years old, spayed female, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed & with original papers

If you’re looking for a loyal cat that has a lot of dog-like qualities then look no further!


Beautiful Molly is a stunning pure-breed Abbysynian cat. It is with a very heavy heart that her family are having to rehome her as they are emigrating to Australia and feel the journey, as well as the quarantine, would be too much for her to cope with.


As is typical of her breed, Molly absolutely loves people and will follow you around the house to make sure she knows what you’re up to and see if she can persuade you to stop what you’re doing to have a cuddle instead.


She’s also a very calm and gentle cat that likes to spend much of her time chilling out in the wardrobe or sitting on your lap whilst you watch tv or work and in the winter months she will sneak under your duvet to keep you warm and purr like a freight train. She loves a good fuss and as much attention as you feel like giving she will gladly receive it.


As with all cats, she does have her naughty side. Her nickname is “Carb Kitty” as she has a penchant for bread and muffins so you will need to keep the kitchen cupboards closed if you don’t want them stolen!



Whilst she’s not a huge fan of being picked up, Molly has been living with a family with a toddler and is ever so patient with him. She is used to an active home and not skittish around loud noises and will just take herself away if she wants some peace and quiet. 


Indoor or outdoor?-

Molly loves spending time in the garden. Her current garden was initially cat proofed to prevent her from wandering but the fencing has since been taken down and she is such a loyal and homely girl that she never really leaves it to wander. Ideally, we would prefer her new home to have a secured garden in a quiet area as she is quite trusting of strangers.


Dogs- She’s not a huge fan and we prefer to home her as the only pet.


Other cats- No she doesn’t like other cats.


Litter- non-clumping clay and 1 hooded litter tray, very good with her toilet habits


Food- Science plan dry dental and wet encore chicken flavour. She also likes the Thrive freeze-dried chicken treats but must avoid Dreamies which make her feel sick.


Health - She’s 9 years old, no previous medical history, in good health and vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped and comes with her breeder's documents.

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