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Available for overseas adoption

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1 years old male, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, negative for FIV/FELV

He is fascinated by the world around him and is an intelligent and curious kitty. His favourite pastime is catching up on worldly affairs especially loves joining his hooman on the sofa in the morning – ditch the caffeine as this kitty is sure to enrich your mornings! Once he has gained confidence the world is his oyster and enjoys being in a calm household. Suited to a family without children and indoors only.  

- Hobbies

Watching TV (and for some reason the BBC in particular!) and collecting pens 🖊. 

He absolutely loves watching TV.  He’s can’t get enough of current affairs programmes and his favourite by far is the BBC News.  When that’s on it’s completely impossible to get his attention.  He is riveted by it.

Guess what.  He loves pens more than anything else.  Toys don’t excite him.  But if you leave a pen lying around, it will vanish instantly and be carried to his secret stash 🤫 (or so he thinks🤣) under the sofa!  In the short time he has been with his foster he has accumulated quite a collection.

- Fish lover    🐟 

Since he has been living with a Japanese foster, he has developed a taste for fish.  Don’t worry his tastes don’t extend to the finest fresh Sushi 🍣, but we should warn you that he absolutely loves Dover Sole?!


Once he has got used to you and his environment, he is the most delightfully affectionate cat.  When you come home, he welcomes you at the entrance without fail and follows you everywhere.  His eyes and face speak to you.  It’s almost as if he is saying: “I’m so excited that you’re home!”; "Let's play!" and "Look at me!"  But he is also obedient and understands boundaries.  He will wait patiently in front of your bedroom if he is now allowed to enter.

When Morris was rescued, he was extremely shy.  The first week he was in his foster home he lived as an “Invisible Cat” barely showing his face.  He would seek out the smallest darkest place in the house and make himself comfortable there until he had got used to his new environment.  But patience is the key here.  His confidence will return soon enough and before you know it, he will be venturing out from under the sofa to explore his environment.  And when that happens the world is his oyster. 


- Very discreet gentleman 

He does try to wake you up in the morning as most cats do but in a very thoughtful manner.  His efforts to get your attention are very discreet, but if you’re not ready to wake up he will soon realise this.  It’s almost as if he says to himself: "OK, mum is still sleepy, let her sleep 💤 “ and he goes back to sleep again himself.  What a gentleman!  And all I can say is that lazy mom has greatly appreciated his attitude.  🙏🏻


- The perfect pet 

In short. Morris is a wonderfully affectionate and delightful feline companion.  🐱  He is also clean, playful, and smart, and once he’s comfortable he’s such a pleasure to be with.  His foster will miss him but knows he will make the family that adopts him so very happy.

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