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NALA – A borne shopper!

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Approx 9 months old, spayed female

Nala was rescued from the false ceiling of a department store in a mall in March 2021 when she was a young kitten.

With her shopping days now behind her, Nala enjoys spending her time watching TV snuggled up with her favorite peeps (indeed, she was named while watching “The Lion King”), chasing ping pong balls, lasers and feather teasers, surveying her kingdom from the top of her cat tree and destroying toilet paper.

Nala is a shy and reserved cat until she is comfortable in her surroundings. New people and loud noises scare her, so she would be better suited to a quiet household without children or older children who aren’t loud and don’t make sudden movements. Nala’s new family will need to give her time to settle into her new digs and engage with them on her own terms. Once she is comfortable, she will reward your patience with loads of affection, constant cuddles and snuggles.  She is talkative and is always happy to welcome her favorite peeps home after a long day at work; following them around the house and talking about her day.

Nala is currently the only pet in the foster home and doesn’t seem to miss the company of other animals. She has never shown any aggression, so she might be fine in a home with other pets if properly introduced but she would also be happy in a household where she is lioness of the territory and can be the center of attention.

AGE: Nala’s estimated DOB is 7 September 2020.

HEALTH: She is a healthy female with no known health issues.  She has been spayed, microchipped and is fully vaccinated.  FIV/FeLV negative.

FOOD:  She isn’t a fussy eater and enjoys Royal Canin Instinctive wet food in gravy and Royal Canin Fit32 dry food.


LITTER: She appreciates a clean, covered litter box with clumping clay.

Nala is a fantastic cat who will be a loyal companion to anyone who opens their heart to her and allows her to blossom into her best self.

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