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Pippa Loud Purrs
Making new friends


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3.5 years old, spayed female, microchipped, vaccinated

Pippa is a stunning semi-long haired ginger girl who suffered neglect and a hard life on the streets. She deserves a loving, permanent home to call her own.


Pippa was found wandering in a residential community and although she was likely once a pet, she wasn’t microchipped and efforts to find her owner proved unsuccessful.  She remained in the community until the rescuer noticed her stomach was bloated and picked her up for a vet check. Examination by the vet revealed that she had eaten a fish hook! It is believed the fish hook was deliberately fed to her because it had an excessive amount of food on it that was intended to entice her to eat it. Pippa successfully recovered from surgery and was not returned to the community since it was clear someone didn’t like having her around. She subsequently had extensive dental surgery to remove virtually all of her teeth due to years of neglect.


Pippa is very friendly and readily engaged with people. However, she can initially come across a little shy and reserved until she feels comfortable and settled. When nervous in her new surroundings she can be found chilling in a cupboard that she has claimed as her ‘safe space’.


Pippa isn’t aggressive, but easily startled by loud noises and sudden movement so a home without children or with older children who are quiet, don’t make sudden movements, understand boundaries and respect animals, would be preferable.


Pippa confidence has flourished as the weeks have passed in the foster home, she is starting to gaining more confidence and more welcome to being petted. She prefers females and warms quickly, but male figures may need some time to trust, which we suspect may be down to some cruelty in her earlier life. She is enjoys long periods of time relaxing on the rug in the living room, jumping onto the sofa for tickles, licks and rubs when she wants and is more comfortable remaining in the vicinity of her peeps for extended periods of time. When she has had enough, she retreats to her safe space for ‘me’ time. She doesn’t like to be picked up and will probably always prefer hanging in the vicinity of her peeps to being a lap cat.


She isn’t playful but has discovered the magic of TV and enjoys watching images on the screen.

She is currently in a foster home with another two non aggressive female cats, they don't seem to interact with each other but there has not been any aggression and introductions were very swift and easy. 


Pippa’s ideal home would be a quiet, adult only household with a patient and understanding care giver who appreciates that some cats need more time to adjust to new surroundings and will give her time to engage with people in her own time and her own terms. She would also likely enjoy having access to safe outdoor space to come and go as she pleases.


AGE: Pippa’s estimated date of birth is 17 October 2017.

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