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4 months old, female, microchipped, vaccinated, will be spayed in 2 months

Poppy will explode your world with her playful antics and sense of adventure!

She is a very energetic kitty who LOVES to play, run around and just have fun. She would give the Energizer bunny a run for his money! Poppy latest gig is doing her best impression of a flying squirrel – she has taken to launching herself off one piece of furniture and flying through the air to get to the next piece of furniture and so on. But, when she has finally exhausted herself, she seeks out a warm body to snuggle against and recharge.

Poppy is a wee little thing (not expected to very big) but she has a giant personality; she is a very confident and friendly kitty who is curious about everything and enjoys life. She is also very affectionate and appreciates cuddles and hanging out with her peeps on the sofa watching TV or sitting in your lap while you participate in your virtual meetings. She is fascinated with water and is happy to help with the dishes if there is running water and soapy bubbles involved.

She is currently in a multi-cat household with cats of various ages and gets along with everyone except two grumpy old matriarchs who don’t appreciate Poppy’s energy. She would need a household with a feline friend or two. With proper introductions, she may even appreciate the companionship of a cat-friendly dog.

Poppy is a sassy little lass who isn’t afraid of anything. She is currently in a quiet foster home without children but, given her happy go lucky nature and vest for life, she would likely be fine in a home with children of any age provided they understand boundaries and respect animals. She would fit into an active household provided she is given attention and doesn’t get lost in the chaos.

Poppy was picked up with her mama and sibling. Unfortunately, her sibling suffered a fatal injury at the hands of an abusive human, so mama and Poppy were removed for their own safety.

AGE:  Estimated DOB is 3 March 2021.

HEALTH: Poppy is a healthy female.  She will be spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated before being adopted.  FIV/FeLV negative.

FOOD:  Poppy isn’t a big fan of dry food but will eat it if nothing else is available. She  enjoys Applaws wet food (anything fish) and cooked chicken and inhales treats when they are on offer and will happily steal toast if it isn’t carefully guarded.

LITTER:  Poppy is currently using a covered litter box with clumping clay.

Poppy is a blast and will make the perfect addition to a fun-loving home where rules were meant to be broken!

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