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8-9 years old, neutered male, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV+

Sandy has spent surviving the harsh streets of Dubai for 8 years seeking shelter in a cooling plant. His caregiver noticed an issue with his eyes and took him off the streets never to be returned. Treated for his eye infection which results in one eye having to be removed as it was beyond repair. His other eye has an inverted eyelid which is a congenital issue and will be operated on to give his eye a slight lift to reduce any irritation or loss of sight in the future. The surgery will take place on 15th July 2021. His vision in his remain eye will remain as partially sighted but this does not stop him from going about his daily routine like any other cat.


He has an incredible personality as he is very loving to his humans and can be around children as well. We struggle to take any pictures of him as all he wants is a comforting hand to always be petting him.


Sandy would do well in a home where he is given a lot of attention and able to live out his twilight years as a loved pet and provide comfort to someone looking for a subdued companion around the house. He isn’t very active, enjoys finding a sunspot to nap in and following his humans around the house.


Due to the time, he spent living in the streets, he has tested positive for his feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), causing him to have a weaker immune system therefore, he would need to remain as an indoor cat.


Dogs: We have not seen him around dogs so a proper introduction would be required with a cat-friendly dog.


Health: a full vets report on his current health and a biochemistry blood result can also be presented to reflect the current health status and fit to travel.