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7 years old, neutered male

Sisi has the softest temperament with deceiving gangsta looks which are attributed to spending years on the harsh streets of Dubai. The sound of his meow is more like a little squeak. This was the deciding factor to rescue him and give him the opportunity of finding a loving home that will give him just as much love back. 

He is older than most of the cats we have under our supervision which is a testament to the care his caregiver has given him in the last 8 years. He developed a cold earlier in the year which left him really congested and this was treated at the vets, upon discharging Sisi from the vets he went on to live in a foster home to help him to adjust to being a house-cat. He's flourishing while being indoors and loves to talk to his humans at any given opportunity. He has never hissed or shown any aggression, even when nervous or scared, he has never shown any feral traits even when he was outside – the people in the community always enjoyed interacting with him. Sisi is a 100% lap-cat, he will happily sit on or with his human all day if he could. He's quite helpful when you get up to make a cup of tea, he will come with you and watch and walk back to the sofa...for lap time of course! Can you be his furever companion?

As a former community cat, he is asymptomatic FIV positive - read more about FIV HERE. With a lowered immune system, it is best for Sisi to stay in a controlled environment indoors. He is fully housetrained and ready for adoption in England.

Sisi would benefit from a secure garden, strictly supervised. He can interact with other cats who are not FIV providing a thorough introduction is carried out. He is friendly with other cats so a home with another cat as a companion would be desirable, but not essential. 


Kids: older children or no children would be fine. 


Dogs: Dogs cannot catch FIV from cats. He has interacted with dogs in the community in Dubai, but a proper introduction would be essential as with any new animal. 


He isn’t fussy with food and not in any medication. He likes his litter tray to be clean, hooded and clumping sand. 

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