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3 years old, spayed female

Skye is a beautiful wide-eyed independent cat but still enjoys her snuggles (on her terms) and chin rubs. She’s mostly fond of snoozing away in her bed and looking out the windows watching the world go by. She has a loud impressive meow that occasionally comes out, usually when she wants something. She would be a wonderful positive addition to a mature home that appreciates her personality. 


She a lazy kitty, however, she will sniff out your hair ties and rubber bands to play with so keep an eye out for that. Her favourite toys are the ones attached to a string on a stick, waking her from the deepest sleeps for some playtime. She’d never claw at the furniture, just her favourite scratching post.


Skye will let you know when she's had enough petting, so watching out for key changes in body language are essential – but this isn't very often. For this reason, a home without children is recommended. 


She will allow you to pet her, but you need to allow her to approach you. She prefers to be pet on her back, chin and head but only approach her from the back. She might have a fear of hands approaching her head.


Skye will instantly explore the entire space when she’s in a new home. She’s very social and wants to be where the party is at. Once she’s comfortable with someone, she’ll want to sit on their lap. If you sit cross-legged with a blanket on your lap, she’ll definitely hop on. While she can be affectionate, she prefers to sleep in her own bed, but she will say good morning every single day.

The ideal home will be quiet, with experienced pet owners who will give Skye some time to settle into her home. She's currently an indoor cat due to living in an apartment, however a home which has a safe outdoor area and ideally secured (catio) would be considered. 

Other cats/dogs: We have not seen Skye with any other animals.

Children: No.


Skye is on a gastrointestinal diet for dry food only. Wet food or rich foods could upset her stomach, even if it’s gastrointestinal wet food. She does not need any ongoing medication, just a controlled diet. As with any pet proactivity in health is essential with regular vet checks. 


3 years old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed

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