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Big softie

Big softie

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7 years old, neutered male

Spartacus is a very calm, quiet and gentle soul. He enjoys cuddles with his favourite peeps and will take a belly rub over food most days! 

Spartacus has been a colony cat most of his life and, as such, it has taken him some time to adjust to being indoors. He is still easily startled by loud, household noises but is quickly reassured when petted. He would be better suited to a quiet home and would enjoy having access to a safe outdoor space.

He is initially shy and requires reassurance but when he feels safe and comfortable in his surroundings, he relaxes. Once he has bonded with his human, he is a loyal companion. 

A day in the life of Spartacus involves following his favourite peeps around the house, light meals throughout the day, watching the world go by from the comfort of a sunny window sill or cat tree, lots of petting and belly rubs, plenty of beauty sleep and evening cuddles on the sofa with a good movie. 

Spartacus isn’t overly playful but enjoys following people around the house and engaging in polite conversation with a chirpy little meow. 

He enjoys free-range grazing on dry food but isn’t keen on wet food. He is fully litter trained. He is a calm, quiet and well-mannered cat.

Dogs and other cats: Spartacus is currently the only pet in the foster home and hasn’t interacted with dogs or other cats. However, while in the colony he regularly saw dogs and there never seemed to be an issue. With a proper introduction, he would likely be fine with a dog who is calm and cat-friendly. As regards other cats, it would really depend on the cat - Spartacus was fine with some cats in the colony, particularly the younger ones, but others were not welcome in his territory. Spartacus seems to be fine without feline friends and could be the only cat in the household.

Children: We haven’t seen him interact with children but given his gentle nature, he would likely be fine with older children who don’t make sudden movements and are respectful of animals.

Spartacus is approximately 7 years old, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. He is FeLV negative. He is FIV positive but is healthy with no known underlying medical issues. Read more about FIV HERE

He has been a colony favourite for many years and will be dearly missed by the colony caregivers but it is time for him to settle into a loving home and enjoy creature comforts in his golden years.


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