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Thelma and Louise – Spunky and cheerful

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1 years old, spayed females

Thelma and Louise are never lost for words! They are incredibly intelligent guaranteed to liven up any home. They are a lovely pair of indoor kitties who each have their own little quirks. Thelma will do anything for attention and Louise can soul-stirring harmonies. A home without other pets would be ideal.



The goofy one out the two. She will often look at pushing Louise out the way so she can lap up all the cuddles. She likes kisses on her nose, loves sitting on your chest and cuddling. She will give with affectionate nibbles during cuddle time, so this is something to be mindful of if you have children – they don’t break or pierce the skin.


Despite hogging all the attention, she interacts well with Louise and you will often see her grooming Louise or initiating playtime with her.


One of her favourite toys is the wand with a little bird at the end of it, she goes into hunting mode and often she walks around with it in her mouth taking it to hide somewhere that Louise might not find it – it’s her birdie.


Thelma doesn’t mind being picked up and carried, she will welcome as much attention as anyone is prepared to give her.



Louise is the humbler one, she will politely invite herself up next to you without invading your personal space, unless she has permission to do so. She instantly rolls to her back and shows full trust in her humans, by exposing her beautiful spotty belly asking for belly rubs.


She’s chattier than Thelma, often showing her excitement in meows in different frequencies when her humans walk through the door. She isn’t too keen on being picked up but will tolerate it for short stints until she jumps out of your arms.


Unlike Thelma, she isn’t too fussed about toys, but goes crazy for the broom and wants to be brushed all over her body with it – she rolls around meowing in excitement (video here). She’s often sitting by the window waiting for a bird to taunt through the window!


Kids: would be fine, they would really enjoy getting attention from multiple people throughout the day.


Dogs and other cats: no, they would need to be the only two cats in the household.


Outdoors: would need to remain as indoor cats or have a safe purpose-built catio in the garden.


Both Thelma and Louise, go crazy for wet food and often make a mess at feeding time, but they are fully house-trained and always use the litter tray.


Thelma and Louise are under a year old, spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and negative for FIV/FeLV.

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