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1.5 years old, spayed female

This sassy little lady will have you running around doing her bidding in no time! She is very much her own boss and makes sure everyone in the foster home is aware that she’s in charge. 

She loves to play and is frequently found rolling around on the floor, wrestling with her toys. Her favorite toys are string-like teasers and she’ll pounce on untied shoelaces if given half a chance!

Tiki is an independent cat. She isn’t a lap cat and doesn’t like to be picked up but she loves bestowing head-bumps and being in the vicinity of her favorite peeps; she will happily snuggle up beside you on the sofa for a quiet night in watching TV.  She isn’t always keen on being petted and will set you right with a gentle but firm warning bite or scratch (never breaking skin) if you are annoying her. 

Like all bosses, she needs to know what’s going on at all times. She’ll greet you every morning and when you return home with a lovely soft meow and is often waiting at the door when she hears the car pull into the drive. She’ll follow her favorite peeps around the house, weaving between their legs, monitoring all the activity and providing polite commentary on said activities.

Tiki is currently in a quiet household with older children. She would be best suited to a quiet home without children or with older children who understand boundaries and respect animals. Her ideal home would be one where someone plays with her; she can be left to her own devices; and she is allowed to interact with peeps on her own terms.

Tiki  was rescued from the underground parking lot of a residential building with her two kittens who had found their way into residents’ car engines. The kittens have found homes together and now it’s time for Tiki to find a home to call her own.

AGE: Tiki’s estimated DOB is 24 February 2020.

HEALTH:  She is a healthy female with no known health issues.  She has been spayed, microchipped and is fully vaccinated.  FIV/FeLV negative.

FOOD:  She enjoys dry food for breakfast and wet and dry food in the evening.

LITTER: Tiki is currently using an open litter box with clumping clay.

Tiki is a small kitty with a big personality who knows what she likes and wants. Her foster mum describes her as “a real character”.

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