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1.5 years, neutered male

Tommy is a colour point shorthair cat which a combination of a Siamese and a short-hair breed. He has a very bright and intelligent personality. He is a joy to be around and will play with just about anything that he can chase and play fetch with. He will indicate its playtime by bringing his ball and dropping it at his humans’ feet – he brings it back once he’s caught it.

He is cheeky chappy, will often try and push his boundaries when he can. He understands the word “no” and responds to his name Tommy as well. He doesn’t jump on kitchen counters and tables, but he will try, but a stern “no” will make him jump off and he will sit and look at you with his crystal blue eyes. 

Tommy is talkative when you talk to him so a home which is interactive and place Tommy as the centre of attention would be good for him. He could go to a home with another cat, providing it is a younger cat and of a beta personality (Tommy is alpha). He is in sync with his humans and knows when its bedtime and time to wake up, which is great. He isn’t too keen on being picked up and carried around, but he will do anything to sit in your lap for hours on end. 

He does not like closed doors, so be prepared to have an audience when you shower, use the toilet and budge up because he IS sleeping in bed with you – he won’t have it any other way. 

When Tommy was rescued, he was afraid of everything. Due to the crisis with foster homes, he was in a vet’s cage for an extended period of time. Once in a foster home, his personality has blossomed turned in to the kindest, happiest, loveliest kitty.  He becomes a little purring machine, when he is cuddled up with his human. His other favourite pastime is to sit and watch what his humans are doing, coming up for the occasional head-bump and cuddle. 

Colour points are good with dogs. Although we have not seen him with a dog before. A proper intro would be essential. 

He would need to remain a fully indoor cat. 

He’s about a year and a half old, neutered, vaccinated, negative for FIV/FELV and fully housetrained. 

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