Itty Bitty Kitty Tails is a UK based non-profit dedicated to the well-being of stray, dumped and abused cats. We aim to give these cats another chance in life through our fostering programme and rehoming pets across England and Wales with a special focus on cats from the Middle East. 'Uniting M.E.A.W With You' is our responsible rehoming programme that enables Middle East welfare advocates rehome and unite rescued cats with adopters in England and Wales. 


As a dedicated Animal Adoption Organisation since 2015, Itty Bitty Kitty Tails has discovered countless ways to make a positive difference in the lives and welfare of animals. We work collaboratively with animal welfare advocates to rehome rescued cats. We believe that every cat deserves a second chance, and we do this under our responsible rehoming policy. Our credible process is developed to find you a cat that best fits you and your home and rehoming to those who can commit. We engage with stakeholders who can provide a helping hand from volunteering time and making a donation, to staying informed and advocating online.



If you are a first-time pet owner and looking to welcome a kitty into your home, then look no further than Mathilde. She is ready to love you back! She welcomes being petted and will nuzzle her head into your hands so you don’t stop and give you some kisses as an indication of her appreciation. Gentle natured and well behaved, not a single bad trait! She should be the model kitty for all cats! Read on to find out more. She is 3-legged but this doesn’t stop her from behaving just like any other cat or getting around. Read on to find out if you could be the lucky person/family for her.



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