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Random Acts of Kindness

17th February 2022: Random Acts of Kindness Day - a day to celebrate and encourage random acts of kindness around the world. Itty Bitty Kitty Tails believes it is every human being’s responsibility to be kind to all creatures big and small and some need the extra kindness the most!

Here are 6 ways you can get involved in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day:

1. Choose cruelty-free products

Each year, thousands of animals around the world suffer and die in laboratories due to cosmetics testing. Choosing to spend your hard-earned £££ on products from compassionate companies is one small act of kindness we can all do to support against animal testing. Use PETA’s search function to determine if the products you use are animal-friendly or not and find alternatives. We love Lush cosmetics and is a favourite amongst our team.

2. Pledge £5 towards medical care for an animal in need

With so many cats under our supervision, we are always in need of donations from the public.

3. Adopt a rescue

If you are considering bringing in a pet to your home, always look at adopting rather than buying. Head over to our adoptions page to view the list of kitties waiting to be united with their furever family.

4. Foster an animal in need

Choosing to become a foster parent is the most fundamental part of the rescue to rehoming journey. By giving a temporary home to an animal that would otherwise be sitting in a cage or still on the street. Learn how you can be a foster parent.

5. Stop animals in entertainment

This includes circus shows, zoos, aquarium shows, and other programs where animals are involved. Training is brutal as animals have to undergo pain and suffering. Think before you like and share an animal doing tricks and what is perceived to be cute or funny, as you could be unknowingly promoting illegal wildlife trafficking, animal cruelty and exploitation.

6. Share this post

Please share this post as education is key, even the smallest act of kindness can make a big impact and contribute to changing the life of an animal in need.


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